Terra, also called “Holy Terra” or in the most ancient of records: “Earth”, is the throne world of the Imperium of Man and the original homeworld of Mankind and of the God-Emperor.

It is the most sacred and revered place in all the million worlds that comprise the Imperium. Billions of human pilgrims from across the galaxy flock to Terra — even the barren and contaminated soil that these pious folk tread upon when they reach humanity’s homeworld is considered sacred by the faithful of the Imperial Creed. Terra is effectively a globe-straddling temple dedicated to the worship of the Emperor of Mankind.

The planet is home to the primary headquarters of many important Adepta of the Imperium since it serves as the capital world of the Emperor’s realm. There is a great fear of Space Marines amongst the people who dwell there, due to events dating back to the Horus Heresy, when much of the planet was levelled and terrorised by the actions of the Traitor Legions.

Before the Great Crusade, Terra was plagued by a long age of civil war and anarchy known as the Age of Strife, which only came to an end when the Emperor personally waged the Unification Wars to reunite all the Terran factions under his own enlightened leadership. Terra is perhaps the most massive Hive World within the Imperium, with an uncounted population that numbers several hundred billion human beings.

The bulk of Terra’s massive population is divided between the upper class that includes the Imperial nobility and Adepts of the Administratum and the lower classes who serve as basic labourers.

The upper class is comprised of the official servants of the Emperor and his Imperium, including Imperial officials, Ecclesiarchy clergy, the aristocratic families of the Navis Nobilite, military officers, scribes, and bureaucrats.

The teeming masses who comprise the Terran lower classes are far less-privileged, and many of them are nothing more than serfs or thralls who toil in the world’s countless manufactorums, providing the infrastructure that keeps the heart of the Imperium’s byzantine bureaucracy functioning.

Terra has one moon, Luna, which is an inhabited and highly populous Civilised World of the Imperium in its own right.


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