Tybalt Varna

Career: Tech-Priest Rank: Technographer XP Earned: 400 XP Spent: 400
Gender: Male Age: 35 Height: 1.75m
Weight: 125kg Build: Slender Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue Skin: Dark Quirks: Devotional Scar
Wounds: 13 Fate: 2 Homeworld: The Lathes
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
33 37 26 40 38 42 29 41 37
Basic Skills Characteristic Rank
Logic Intelligence Skilled
Advanced Skills Characteristic Rank
Speak Language (Low Gothic) Intellect Skilled
Speak Language (High Gothic) Intellect Skilled
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) Intellect Skilled
Common Lore (Imperium) Intellect Skilled
Common Lore (War) Intellect Skilled
Literacy Intellect Skilled
Tech Use Intellect Skilled
Secret Tongue (Tech) Intellect Skilled
Trade (Copyist) Intellect Skilled
Pilot (Civilian Craft) Agility Skilled

Talents and Traits:
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (Las), Blessed Ignorance (-5 to Forbidden Lore checks), Electro Graft Use, Mechanicus Implants, Technical Knock`

Weapons and Armor:
Mechanicus Staff(1d10 I; Pen 0, Balanced, Primitive), Knife (1d5 R, Pen 0, Primitive), Laspistol (1d10+2 E, Pen 0, 30m, ROF 5, Reload: Full, Reliable), Flak Vest (Body 3)


Tybalt Varna

The Ephesian Schism Governor